Welcome to Total Cleanse Guide!

Welcome to the Total Cleanse Guide!

It can be very intimidating when you are beginning your journey of holistic healing and detoxification, and it can even be a bit confusing for seasoned veterans of wholesome dietary living, with the constant evolving changes in diet and exercise recommendations along with new products coming onto the market, what’s a person supposed to do? One of my personal “go-to” solutions is to try some tasty and cleansing smoothies!

But honestly, there is no one “right” solution, and you need to do what works best for you, and in many cases many people do a combination of different things, some people even choose to go the surgical route by getting a tummy tuck for example, this isn’t about judgement, you need to take the approach that works for your lifestyle and needs. The basics can be broken down into three basic dietary principles, juicing, raw/whole food/green smoothies, and off the shelf cleansing and detox products. Many people take on too much when they start, and others simply do not give it enough of a go to see any real results, as it can take time for some people…

The first thing we will cover is juicing. Generally, when it comes to juicing, you want to make sure you are using only organic produce, this is because you are concentrating all the nutrients into a liquid, and you do not want to be concentrating pesticide and other harmful chemicals that are often found on fruits and vegetables that are grown traditionally. The primary benefit to going with juicing is the fact that you can get all the nutrients you need for the day in a concentrated liquid that is easily absorbed by the body and requires minimal digestion and delivers optimal results. This can be done either as a short “Juice fast” where all you do is consume juice and water for your nutrients of solid food, or you can do it in addition to your other cleansing routines. If you are curious about what juicers are appropriate, you can find many detailed juicer reviews online with a little searching.

These are fairly simple to make and this is one of the primary benefits compared to choosing which can be rather time consuming and messy to clean up.  The recommendation for organic produce is the same here as it is for juicing, all you really need to do is take the fruits and greens that you want in your diet and blend them along with any other supplements, like chia seeds for example, that you like in a blender that is strong enough to emulsify the produce. This not only delivers many of the same nutrients is juicing, but also allows you to get all the fiber that your body needs.

The final option is to consider going with an off-the-shelf colon cleansing product, these can take many forms and will often be made of a variety of different types of ingredients, you will generally want to try and experiment with a few different products to see what will work for you, as certain people respond to certain types of products differently. I recommend checking out the various different products that are out there on the Internet such as the many options for a cleanse in addition to the ones that you find in health food stores to see which ones are appropriate for your particular needs and your budget.

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