Is Colon Cleansing Safe?

With all the toxins and poisons in the air, water, and especially the processed food is no wonder that people are starting to look towards alternative and natural methods like a total cleanse to help improve their overall body beyond simply getting a bit more exercise and eating a few more pieces of vegetables. But as a result of the rise in this type of alternative medicine many people are asking is colon cleansing safe? The real answer is yes and no, the reason for this being is that it’s all relative to your personal needs and what your particular given medical situation is or is not. The reason why people of asked is colon cleansing safe is partially due to the fact that pharmaceutical companies and the people who are employed and benefit from them the most tend to not only disparage alternative practices but also scare people into thinking that they will damage themselves.

The fact is ,there are a lot of people who simply have no idea what they’re doing and could likely damage themselves and hurt their own health regardless of the type of advice they’re given. So it’s incumbent upon each of us to be not only informed consumers but also an informed patient as well and to always get a second opinion from not only multiple medical practitioners but from multiple sources of information. This article is generally not about whether colon cleansing in fact works, other articles on this site as well as the vast amount of information online and elsewhere is more than enough proof for the fact that for some people and for some situations, a safe colon cleanse is one of most beneficial means of improving overall health. There is a reason why people are required to get colonoscopies later on in life, and then are often advised to do the very practices and eat the very foods that are promoted on this site and others as well.

The real question here is, is colon cleansing safe? The fact of the matter is that if you do the right kind of colon cleansing under proper and regular medical supervision in the proper manner and with the proper food, colon cleansing is nearly always safe, especially once the doctor has signed off on the method you and your doctor agreed upon. Often colon cleansing is simply just a change in diet, which results in much more organic and healthy produce intake along with much higher levels of fiber, and there’s no doctor out there who would ever advise differently unless under special and particular conditions or circumstances.

Choosing The Right Enema Products For Detox And Colon Cleansing

Are you looking to purchase a home enema kit and supplies online but do not know what to look out for and where to start? Possibly you have heard all about remarkable health advantages of taking an enema?  In any case, you will require an excellent set of home enema equipment to benefit from the procedure.

In this article, we go over the various kinds of enema equipment available in the market. Just then can you expect to choose the best enemas for cleansing for whatever purpose you have in mind.

Your options in enema equipment and supplies

Plastic disposable enema package

If you are only wanting to evaluate the waters and do not want to invest much in the process, then non-reusable latex-free enema bags may merely be an excellent choice for you however only when utilised as planned. Non-reusable enema sets are inexpensive, and you can purchase them in packs for less than $30. Disposable enema equipment is likewise perfect when travelling as they are convenient to bring and you can just dispose of them afterwards.

Rubber enema kits

One good choice in a reusable home enema devices for routine detox cleansing. Rubber Enema bags are more cost-effective in the long term and only cost a bit more than disposable ones.

Rubber enema packages come with everything you need to do the procedure at home. Such a kit include all the necessary hose and attachments together with a long-lasting premium rubber enema bag that can hold up to 2 measures of enema solution –perfect for a full detox and healing applications.

While rubber does not decay quickly when utilised occasionally can last for numerous years with appropriate cleaning, the product is not transparent. For this purpose, there is no other way to see inside the bag to check for mildew and other possible impurities. Thus it readies practice to have a rubber enema bag replaced after a year or two.

Silicone enema bags

Many holistic experts would suggest silicone enema kits in as one that is best suited for colon cleansing. Why is this so?

While a bit expensive (about $90), silicone enema bags are an outstanding investment if you are earnest about frequently taking enemas whether for detox or as an alternative cancer treatment. Silicone is among the purest materials available until it is entirely non-toxic. Moreover, silicone enema bags are a lot more resilient than its plastic and PVC equivalent and must serve you well for up to 4 years of periodic usage.

Some silicone enema bags are transparent or can be opened from the top letting you look at precisely what’s inside. Numerous appreciate this feature as it is much easier to manage the circulation of enema along with guarantee the hygienic and safe condition of the enema bag.

Where can I get an enema kit?

Having trouble discovering home enema devices and products? Most medical shops offer some enema product off the shelf although you can obtain a  silicone enema bag online and have the item provided right to your doorsteps for added convenience.

Of course, buying your enema equipment from an online distributor not only spares you the time and effort but you can also save money.  You will have little difficulty finding the best deals on enema bags over the internet due to a very competitive market and the fact that online shops need not deal with in advance expenses like business space and extra labour force.